Need to Talk

Need to Talk Counselling Services is a charity organisation based in Harrow.

We offer a non judgemental, understanding and safe place where concerns and issues can be worked on and explored by a fully qualified counsellor on a one to one basis.

What we do

Counseling that respects your values, choices and lifestyle

Personal counselling

Psychological and life orientation

Couples counselling

Improve communication and mutual behaviour

Family counselling

Enhances relationships between family members

Need to talk?

We’re here for you!

NeedToTalk is a Harrow-based counselling service, providing friendly, professional and confidential support. We are led by experienced practitioners all of whom are accredited under the British Association for Psychotherapists (BACP).

Our counsellors are here for to help you through whatever issues you may be experiencing such as:

  • Depression and Low Mood
  • Choices and Transitions
  • Sexual Expression
  • Bereavement and Loss
  • Self Esteem / Self Worth
  • Addictions
  • Stress/Anger – Work/Home
  • Relationship Difficulties
  • Feeling Unfulfilled
  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • Personal Development
  • Love and Intimacy

Need to Talk

Counselling Services

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Your donation can help many people get the psychological they need, even if they can’t afford the regular fees for this kind of service. Mental health is crucial; improve it for some people and you’ll be improving the whole world. Contribute here with your donation, and be part of the project!

  • 2756 hours of counselling provided
  • 145 patients treated
  • 25 mental health professionals collaborating
our patients

what people say



I am very happy with Aurora. She has a great way of explaining things and I feel supported, cared for and better informed with (by) her wisdom.”



My confidence in myself has increased. I feel like I have
come on leaps and bounds.
More comfortable in my own



“Thank You for your support in helping me
feel so much better.
The treatment has helped me immensely.

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